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Nuppepo, an animated lump of decaying human flesh


 is a long-necked creature whose height increases as fast as you can look up at it. 


Langnase, westliche 

(Matthew Parry, der die Öffnung Japans nach Westen erzwungen haben soll)





A creature that looms in a black cloud over a floodgate.



 is illustrated by Sekien as a small snake-like creature with a bird-like head and lobster-like claws. Its name means "net cutter".



means "aimless flame"



is a cat-like monster which steals corpses during a funeral





is a cat whose forked tail is a clue that it has become a dangerous supernatural creature




is a hairy creature sitting on top of a torii gate, thought to be a guardian of the shrine


is the spirit of China's Purple Mountain. It appears as a red, man-faced dragon, a thousand ri tall


 is a clam that has grown to an enormous size, at which point it rises to the surface of the sea
and breathes out a mirage of distant cities


 is the spirit of a dead person




 (~tengu throwing stones?) is a phenomenon in which stones are suddenly thrown through the air somewhere deep in the mountains. It is thought to be the work of the tengu


is a creature which peeks in through the skylight of an old house.


is a fireball dropping out of a tree.



  literally "wheel monk, also known as "Firewheel" or "Soultaker"


 are giant heads of either men or women. An okubi appearing in the sky is a sign of impending disaster, which may be a typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, or fire. Okubi are otherwise harmless and will disappear soon after the first sighting.



( "consciousness") in Japanese folklore are supernatural monsters ("yokai") said to live within the mountains of Hida and Mino (presently Gifu Prefecture), and able to read people's minds.

People are said to meet them while walking along mountain paths or resting in the mountains. Upon reading a person's mind, the satori would say the person's thoughts aloud faster than a human could. There is also a theory that they are the child incarnations of mountain gods who have come to ruin and turned into a yokai form.

Yarikecho , Koinryo , and Zenfusho.  
Zenfusho is a kettle tsukumogami which holds a clawed staff called koinryo.
It is pictured alongside monsters called Yarikecho and Koinryo.



- Toriyama Sekien

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