Junkie und W. S. Burroughs

- Kate Simon

Poetenkatze (2)

Nick mit Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway had an affinity for many things, his feline companions being one of them.
The “Hemingway Cat,” or polydactyl, is a feline that, instead of the normal 18 toes,
has six or more toes on the front feet and sometimes an extra toe on the rear.
Hemingway had many talents and interests. He was an extreme cat-lover because
he admired the spirit and independence of the species. He acquired his first feline
from a ship’s captain in Key West, Florida, where he made his home for many years.
Today, around 60 felines live at the Ernest Hemingway Museum and Home in Key West.
They are protected by the terms left in his will.
- N.N.

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Ripley mit Patricia Highsmith

- N.N. (Patricia Highsmith)
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Bestiario mit Julio Cortazar

- N.N. (Julio Cortazar)

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Mea Culpa mit Louis-Ferdinand Céline

- N.N.

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The Big Sleep mit Raymond Chandler

- N.N.

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 "Adam and Eve"  mit William Carlos Williams

 - N.N.

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 Aleph mit Borges

 - N.N.

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Huck Finn mit Mark Twain

 - N.N.

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Pygmalion mit George Bernard Shaw

 - N.N.

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??? mit Leonora Carrington

- N.N. (Leonora Carrington)

 Poetenkatze (13)

??? mit Saul Steinberg

- N.N. (Saul Steinberg)


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