Plosticman, Batman,
Popeye the sailor man,
Superman, Benny Goodman,
Cockmon in a subterranean sex soeiety
Cockman with a strong cock,
Super-human cock, never seen before cock,
                                   ———— COCKMAN
COCKMAN climbing out into the world
slipping out a stronger than iron--COCK
Cockman shooting into space
Moonshot, spermshot,
appearing in New York Harbor slipping it
into the Statue of Liberty
from under her dirty gown,
Cracking open Hoboken morning.
Oh wake up Jersey City
Oh wake up Lincoln Tunnel,
Cockman has arrived.
Biggest freak in New York since
King Kong in the '30's
Strang cock lifting curtains on Broadway plays
Oh wake up Chinatown, Cockman is hungry.
Running from Barnum & Bailey latent scouts
Cockman seeking Cuntgirl Sex Tarzan,
Cockman of the pornographic comic characters
Freak, Freak, Biggest freak on 42nd Street,
i get a hardon & start walking on three legs,
I am arrested, Cockman of Alcatraz,
Jails cannot hold me, l club open the bars with my Mother-lovin Cock
Cockman walking, running,
funning, sunning, i join a nudist camp,
Hardcocked, strongcocked, ready-Betty Cockman,
i out cock em all

i wonder what the boys and gals home would say
our sex society is strong, strong cocks, strong cunts,
great fuckin under the sun, under the moon, under the seas,
down in our sex society, continual hardons,
fuckin like bunny lovin,
Cockcity, Cuntville, Fuck Island, Route 69,
Around the World, Fucker's Creek,
Snatchland, Pussyburg,
i Cockman am a freak up here on Earth
King Kong wanted Faye Wray, i am a rapist,
plunging into Hollywood beds at night
getting every Starlet and bunny fuckin,
& they won't let me go,
they run over me, i holding my hard,
i am also being chased by 108
homosexuals on roller skates, and Jaguars, and Cadillacs,
Cockman with a strong cock,
tapping it on the the table
Cockman is chased by the National Guard, the FBI,
Cockmon climbs to the Empire State Building,
(apologies to the creator of King Kong)
Cockman shot down by Jet planes,
Cockman falling to the street, Dead,
death of Cockman, National Enquirer,
New York News readers, all read about
Freak Cockman, who died so young because they were
so Goddamn jealous.

- George Montgomery, nach: Acid. Neue amerikanische Szene. Hg. Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, Ralf-Rainer Rygulla. Frankfurt am Main 1978 (zuerst 1969)


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